"Today's Special moments are tomorrow's memories"  genie,Aladdin

Today's Special Moments are Tomorrow's Memories"  

-Genie, Aladdin


Life is stressful enough....

Why not let us help make it a little easier?? Here at the Character Closet, we have an amazing network of talented people who can do just that. Need something you don't see here? Just ask!!

Custom Invitations

Why stress over creating and mailing invitations when someone else can do it for you? Alicia Gambino, our favorite graphic designer, is ready to blow your mind! She definitely has some super powers but don't worry...she will only use it for good!

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Designer Cookies

Themed designer cookies are a fabulous addition to any party. Delicious for the kids and wow-worthy for the moms. All of our baked goods come from Catskill Mountain Bakery. Beautiful, delicious and local...doesn't get better than that!

Cookies - $3 each

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Cupcakes and Birthday Cakes

Not great at baking? We got you covered! Catskill Mountain Bakery is the master at creating the most delicious and beautiful desserts around. 

Cupcakes - $2.50 each

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Goodie Bags

The most time consuming part of throwing a party...who has time for that? We do! We can provide the goodie bags for your party while you sit back and relax...

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Everyone loves a piñata! We have the perfect one to fit your theme. Princesses, superheroes, cartoon characters, unicorns, rainbows, trains, flowers...you name it! All you need to do is hang it up...we will handle the rest! 

$50 - Includes filled piñata, blind fold, stick and treat bags or boxes. 

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